Project:           New construction of Sunset Elementary School

Owner:            Park County School District #6

Location:          Cody, Wyoming

Project Size:  57,700 sf

  • Indoor central station variable volume air handlers
  • Air-to-air heat recovery
  • Carbon dioxide sensors are utilized to determine outside air volumes for demand ventilation.
  • Zoning is achieved at the room level with variable air volume boxes and hot water reheat coils.
  • Heating system includes a modular boiler plant design utilizing multiple high efficiency boilers.
  • Redundant system pumps and primary/secondary distribution are employed
  • Chilled water plant includes a roof mounted packaged outdoor air cooled chiller and single system pump.
  • Building automation is accomplished with a LON system of interoperable direct digital controls.
  • Radiant floors are used in the Kindergarten, First Grade, and Special Needs areas.
  • Electrical design includes high efficiency lighting with occupancy and daylight controls, fire alarm, door access, video surveillance, classroom multi-media, and intercom systems.

Firerock interior








Sunset Elementary School