Project:                New construction of K through 5th grade elementary school

Owner:                  Fremont County School District #14

Location:         Ethete, Wyoming

Project Size:    72,000 sf

  • Ventilation and air condition for most areas of the building is accomplished with indoor central station variable volume air handlers. Zoning is achieved at the room level with variable air volume boxes and hot water reheat coils. The heating system includes a modular boiler plant design utilizing multiple high efficiency boilers. Redundant system pumps and primary/secondary distribution are employed. A chilled water plant includes a packaged outdoor air cooled chiller and single variable speed system pump.

  • The electrical system design included 277/480V distribution, energy efficient T-5 fluorescent lighting, occupancy sensor lighting controls, telecom system, intercoms system, video surveillance system and access control system, natural gas emergency generator system and fire alarm.










Wyoming Indian Elementary School