Kelly Walsh High School

Casper, WY

A 335,685 square foot 9th through 12th High School. Approximately 290,000 square feet of new construction in Casper, Wyoming was completed in 2017 with estimated construction costs of $86 million.

Ventilation and air conditioning for most areas of the building is accomplished with indoor central station variable volume air handlers.  Zoning is achieved at the room level with variable air volume boxes and hot water reheat coils. The heating system includes a modular boiler plant design utilizing multiple high efficiency condensing boilers.  Redundant system pumps and primary/secondary distribution are employed.  The chilled water plant has multiple packaged outdoor air cooled chiller and variable speed primary/secondary pumping.

The electrical system consists of new LED lighting with dimming and occupancy control in most areas. A 480v-3 phase electrical service and distribution system.  New fire alarm, intercom, video surveillance and door access systems, sound enhancement systems are designed for all classrooms.